Spry Dental Defense System


Natural Oral Care that Ensures a Healthy Smile and Supports Your Active Lifestyle

Regular and vigorous exercise is beneficial, but current research suggests an active lifestyle can be hard on teeth, and poor oral health is linked to heart disease. Spry is a leading natural oral care brand dedicated to supporting a healthy, active lifestyle by neutralizing threats in the mouth.

We know your type…While other people hit the snooze button to get a few more Zzz’s, you’re hitting the pavement for your morning run.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV on the weekend, you’re sitting in the saddle, hammering down on your pedals and spinning that crank.

Or maybe you’re hiking your favorite trails because you feel rejuvenated by the outdoors.

Your pantry isn’t full of processed, unhealthy “food.” You look for the healthiest, natural options so your body can function at its optimal level.

You’re active. You’re dedicated. You’re healthy

With all that attention to your health, you may be overlooking something important.

Active Lifestyles Can Be Hard on Teeth and Gums

For a variety of resons, studies show active people have poor oral health.

Also studies show poor oral health is linked to heart disease and other life-changing illnesses.

Spry provides a complete line of products made with xylitol, a natural ingredient proven to improve oral health. They help you take care of your teeth through the day and while doing what you love.

Five Times a Day 

Studies show xylitol improves oral health by working against cavity-causing bacteria. For optimum results, studies suggest using xylitol at least five times throughout the day. Use the Spry line of products and you’ll be good. Just remember: brush, rinse, chew, smile!


Dentist Recommended

With the amount of strong evidence for xylitol’s effectiveness and a push for prevention in oral care, Bell Dental, PA and the team are recommending the use of xylitol (especially Spry products). Start using the Spry Dental Defense System for yourself and see what we already know!

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