Happy Groundhog Day – 2022

groundhogGroundhogs have eighteen chewing teeth that never stop growing. They have four incisor teeth, upper and lower, that can grow up to 1/16 inches every week, an average length of 3 1/4 inches every year. Their incisors usually grind against each other, keeping them short.

Groundhogs must constantly gnaw on leaves, trees, grass, and roots to keep their tooth growth in check. They bite off vegetation and gnaw through roots when tunneling, and this constant usage wears the teeth down.

Occasionally, the teeth are misaligned and will keep growing. The term used to describe the strange growth of a groundhog’s teeth is “malocclusion” — a mouthful no matter how its viewed or said. Malocclusion occurs in some groundhogs that eat plants that don’t keep their buck teeth filed down.

Without a shadow of a doubt, groundhogs have some interesting pearly whites. Keep your teeth pearly white and in great shape by visiting us at Bell Dental, PA regularly. We’re here to make you look good!