Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy-7991In a world where everything moves so quickly and teens and young adults find themselves pulling “all-nighters” or working long hours, energy drinks have grabbed the spotlight. You’ll have one (or three) and suddenly you have the drive you need to keep going.

The same can be said for sports drinks. It’s common for people to have one even when they’re not engaged in any strenuous physical activity, which is what they were designed for. People will drink them simply because they’ve grown to love the taste.

Although they might taste great and boost your energy, there’s a serious downside to consuming energy and sports drinks on a steady basis. Studies have shown that these drinks contain so much acid that they start to destroy your teeth after just five days of consistent use.

That’s why Dr. Katie Bell and our team want to encourage you to limit the number of sports and energy drinks you consume. If you do enjoy these types of drinks, you should make it a habit to rinse your mouth with water immediately after consumption, and brush your teeth about an hour later, after the period when acid has a softening effect on your enamel has passed.

Sports-Energy-DrinksIt has been found that the acid in energy drinks is so significant, it could gradually destroy your tooth enamel. When your tooth enamel is damaged, it makes your mouth prone to bacteria, due to the lack of protection from the enamel. Serious dental problems can arise when bacteria seeps into your teeth.

Without the protection of the enamel, sensitivity can occur on the teeth. This can create pain and discomfort when you eat certain foods. The roots of your tooth can become exposed and bleeding in the gums can occur.

As energy drinks erode your enamel, your teeth can become susceptible to decay and cavities. The enamel cannot be regrown after it’s damaged, so the decaying effects can be quite severe and permanent.

If you feel like you’re already experiencing the side effects of heavy energy and sports drink consumption, visit Bell Dental, PA at our Frederick office, and our team can provide solutions for how to prevent further damage from occurring. It’s never too late to change a bad habit!