Bell Dental, PA — New Logo

Posted on:Thursday, February 8th, 2024 @ 3:36 pm

Check out our new name and logo! Look closely and you’ll see that the butterfly is actually two B’s back to back; symbolizing the dynamic mother and daughter Bell team. Dr. Barbara Bell established her first practice in Frederick nearly 40 years ago and her daughter Katie Bell continues to provide the same excellent patient …

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Healthy Tooth Snacks for Valentine’s Day

Posted on:Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 @ 2:00 pm

Keep your teeth healthy by snacking on good quality carbohydrates and remember to brush after eating sugary foods.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Posted on:Tuesday, December 19th, 2023 @ 10:09 am

Overview Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a condition that causes painful sensations similar to an electric shock on one side of the face. This chronic pain condition affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from your face to your brain. If you have trigeminal neuralgia, even mild stimulation of your face — such as from brushing …

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Toothman Orthodontics: Our Specialist & Friend

Posted on:Monday, October 23rd, 2023 @ 8:41 am

Check out this interesting article from the Frederick Lifestyle Magazine about our local orthodontist, Dr. Jeff Toothman. Many of our patients see Dr. Toothman for their orthodontic needs. If you are considering orthodontic treatment and would like Dr. Katherine Bell’s advice, call the office to set up a consultation appointment for a referral at 301.620.8869.

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Tooth Anatomy

Posted on:Monday, August 28th, 2023 @ 3:50 pm

Do you ever wonder what your tooth looks like inside?

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Dental Humor – 25 Good Ones!

Posted on:Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 @ 1:20 pm

What did the Dentist of the Year win? A little plaque. What do dentists call the x-rays they take of patients’ teeth? Tooth pics. What did the dentist say to the tooth when she had to leave the room? I’ll fill you in when I get back. Why did the tooth fairy go to the …

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Teeth and Their Names

Posted on:Thursday, June 29th, 2023 @ 2:18 pm

The permanent dentition consists of 32 teeth. This is made up of four incisors, two canines (or cuspids), four premolars (or bicuspids), four molars and two wisdom teeth (also called third molars) in each jaw. If wisdom teeth have been removed there will be 28 teeth. The incisors are the middlemost four teeth on the …

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Dental Sleep Medicine

Posted on:Monday, May 1st, 2023 @ 12:26 pm

Snoring can adversely affect the sleep quality of the snorer’s bed partner, contribute to excessive daytime sleepiness, and diminish overall quality of life.

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Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Posted on:Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 @ 1:19 pm

In a world where everything moves so quickly and teens and young adults find themselves pulling “all-nighters” or working long hours, energy drinks have grabbed the spotlight. You’ll have one (or three) and suddenly you have the drive you need to keep going. The same can be said for sports drinks. It’s common for people …

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On the Tip of my Tongue

Posted on:Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 @ 2:17 pm

The tongue is a hugely important muscle in your mouth. It helps you talk and taste, so it is necessary to examine it at your semi-annual cleaning and check-ups and between visits in your bathroom mirror. Early detection leads to a better prognosis should something go wrong with your tongue cells. A healthy tongue will …

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